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Casinostarz.net operates as an autonomous entity, delivering comprehensive insights on online casinos and casino games, independent of any gambling operator’s influence. Our content, inclusive of reviews and guides, is crafted with integrity and expertise by our dedicated team, aiming to inform and guide users effectively. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to understand that our materials are for informational purposes only, not substituting legal counsel. Prior to engaging with any online casino, users are advised to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.

Key Definitions:

  • Website: Refers to Casinostarz.net and its multilingual variants, accessible directly or through various subdomains.
  • We/Us/Our: Denotes Casinostarz.net’s operating team.
  • User: Individuals or entities visiting and utilizing the Website, referred to as “You” or “Your”.
  • Privacy Policy: The document detailing Casinostarz.net’s approach to data privacy and user information protection.
  • Data: Information submitted by users on the Website.
  • Cookie: Small text files placed on the user’s device by the Website or third parties during website access. Read more about our Cookie Policy

General Terms:

  • Casinostarz.net serves as an independent source of information, not offering gambling services. The information is purely informative and not legal advice.
  • While we strive for accuracy, we cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the information provided due to the dynamic nature of online gambling.
  • The Website includes links to third-party sites, for which Casinostarz.net holds no responsibility for content.
  • By using the Website, users agree to these Terms and the Privacy Policy.
  • Users confirm they are of legal age to engage with the Website and its content.
  • Access may be restricted from certain countries or regions to comply with local laws.
  • Any detected inaccuracies or non-compliance issues can be reported to us for correction.

Content and Intellectual Property:

  • The content, including trademarks and texts, is the intellectual property of Casinostarz.net or respective casino, gaming platforms, and payment services operators.
  • Reproduction of Website content is allowed for personal, non-commercial use, subject to conditions such as proper attribution or prior approval for content sharing.

User Engagement and Content:

  • Users can contribute content to the Website, under terms ensuring respect, legality, and propriety.
  • Casinostarz.net reserves the right to manage user-generated content as deemed appropriate.

Privacy and Data Protection:

  • Casinostarz.net is committed to protecting user privacy and data, adhering to applicable data protection laws and regulations.
  • The Privacy Policy outlines the collection, use, and protection of user data.

Changes and Amendments:

  • Casinostarz.net reserves the right to modify these Terms without prior notice, with updates communicated via the Website or email where applicable.

For a detailed understanding of our Terms, privacy practices, and user engagement policies, or to propose collaborations and partnerships, we encourage you to reach out through the provided contact form on our Website. We’re open to discussions and will respond promptly to all inquiries.


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